Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Underwater Maternity Photoshoot

I recently read an article in the local newspaper about couples having their wedding photographs taken underwater - some of the photos shown were pretty fantastic. I personally love the water very much (can't wait to move to our new unit where there is a pool!) and I do miss my scuba diving days. It would have been so cool to have had our wedding photographs done underwater! Oh well, that stage of our life has passed.

Still, all is not lost! I was so amazed to see these stunning underwater maternity shots by Mark Holladay Lee.

I didn't do a maternity photoshoot when I was having Ryan. I think having these photos is a great reason to have another child, don't you agree? So beautiful, so weightless, so serene.

This photo is also by Mark - see more on his website

Actually, Richard and I do want to have more children, it has always been our dream to have three and lately we have been talking more about it. Coincidentally, lately also, I have been surrounded by news of pregnancies and of new additions to the family. On Monday, I posted about Ophelia's waterbag bursting just after our dinner together. Today, I had dinner with Terri and Sook Meng at East Coast Seafood Centre - Sook Meng is also ready to pop (nothing happened at the dinner!). My secretary is on maternity leave, resting at home with her second son. A few of my friends are pregnant and, funnily enough, some bloggers whose blogs I follow are also reporting their pregnancies. It's everywhere!


Lauren said...

oh it's lovely! thanks for sharing! and happy blogtoberfest! it was great to find your blog! all the best with the rest of it!

The Creative Beast said...

Happy blogtoberfest!

this post is wonderful and the images are BEAUTIFUL!! if you move froward with having another child, i think you should DEFINITELY try to get some shots like this =-)!

Kenny Leow said...

ya man. It's everywhere!!!

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