Friday, October 22, 2010

Some shopping and a quiet Friday

The yearly haze is here again. The haze started this week and is caused by fires in neighbouring Sumatra, lit to clear land for palm oil plantations. Yesterday the haze reached unhealthy levels (Pollutant Standards Index reading of 108) and today it dropped down to moderate levels. Nothing much we can do except to stay indoors and hope that it goes away soon.

The haze over Singapore
Last night after fetching Ryan from the nanny's, we went to Paragon to buy some shoes and jeans for him. Ryan fell asleep in his car seat on the way there. I had posted previously that, when we changed the car seat to a forward-facing one, Ryan didn't like it and fussed and cried the first time he sat in it. Well, I spoke too soon. He was fine the very next trip. The second trip started out with crying and fussing but halfway through, he calmed down and started enjoying the fact that he could see much more of his surroundings and much more out of the window compared to when he was in the backward-facing seat. Now when we go out and we walk out to the car, he heads for the back and actually asks to get into his car seat. Of course there are still days when he wants some company but generally he's cool with the car seat.

Ryan was still sleeping when we got to Paragon so Richard had to carry him while we shopped. We managed to pick up a pair of See Kai Run shoes, although I think I might buy his next pair online and direct from USA since the exchange rate is quite favourable now.  After we were done shopping, we had dinner at Crystal Jade Golden Palace Restaurant. Ryan slept through most of it so Richard had to eat with one arm carrying him. After dinner, we let Ryan have some fun in the indoor playground outside the restaurant until closing time. 

Ryan turns 21 months today but we didn't do much today. Some friends came over to our house in the evening and stayed till late. Looking forward to the weekend.


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