Monday, October 11, 2010

Dinner with a surprise ending

Earlier this evening, I went for the monthly SMH mummies' dinner. This round was a cozy affair - there were just five of us, and I quite enjoyed the intimacy of the small group. We went to Peperoni Pizzeria at Greenwood Avenue and shared a manhole pizza, some appetizers and dessert. Food was excellent.

The manhole pizza. Yum yum!
Conversation was easy as the five of us have much in common and before we knew it, two hours had zipped by. We were sitting around contemplating our empty plates when Ophelia, who is pregnant and ready to pop, announced that her waterbag may have broken. She went to the ladies' and confirmed it and we all got so excited! It brought back all the good memories of our own birth stories!

Of course, we had to take a photo to document the exciting moment! I don't usually post photos of other people on my blog but this was such a significant photo so here it is!
Top row (L-R): Me, Serene
Bottom row (L-R): Florinda, Ophelia and Angeline
After that, Ophelia was quickly whisked home by Angeline, with all our good wishes for a safe and smooth delivery. See you soon, baby!


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