Sunday, May 31, 2009

Gymboree and Kindermusik

Last Sunday (24 May) we went to try out Gymboree. We took a trial of their Play & Learn class (Level 1). There were lots of action songs and exercises to stimulate the senses and increase awareness of oneself and the surrounding environment. It was quite nice, very sweet and soothing. However, Ryan seemed a little bored. I think it is because I do similar exercises with him at home so he has already advanced past this level. I asked the instructor and she said that it could be that he is just distracted by his new surroundings. I don't really agree, but I'm willing to try out her theory by bringing Ryan in for another session.

We also signed up for a trial at Kindermusik, which we attended today. At just over four months, Ryan was the youngest in the class. I think he is probably too young to fully benefit from all the activities they did, especially "playing" the instruments. Also, as I often sing to Ryan, I feel that there is not a lot of additional value that the class can add at this stage. Still, it was enjoyable and I did pick up a few new songs. Perhaps we will try it again when Ryan is older. For now, he’s got "Mummymusik".

Today we went to see Dr William Yip again (teetooteetoo! teetooteetoo!). As usual, the show was over in less than five minutes. Ryan is 7.3 kg and is 63.5 cm.

After that, we went for lunch at House at Dempsey Hill.

Last week (16 May), Ryan had his second visit with Dr Pauline Cheong, the paediatric eye specialist. As Ryan was still manageable (read: could still be bullied), he didn't have to be sedated and Richard could still hold him in a swaddle while Dr Cheong checked his eyes. This time, I waited outside the room, although I could still hear Ryan crying from the discomfort. The moment they were done and came out from the room, I rushed over to hold Ryan and comfort him, although, by that time, Ryan wasn’t crying anymore, so I guess holding him was more a comfort for me than it was for him. Anyway, the important news is that everything is all right. The next check-up will be in August.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Four months old!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


10 May 2009 - Breakfast at Red Star

12 May 2009 - Dinner at Fish & Co

We drove up to KL again for the long weekend for some family time and for an early Mother's Day celebration. Ryan gives us reason to go to KL more often as we feel that it is good for Ryan to be able to spend time with his extended family.

Ryan's Paternal Grandfather

Ryan's Paternal Grandmother

Ryan's Uncle Jimmy and Aunty Margaret

Ryan's Aunty Mary

Ryan's Uncle Kenneth

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