Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010

You may have noticed that the posts on the blog have recently been more frequent. That's because of Blogtoberfest!

In October last year, I signed up for Blogtoberfest and asked some blogger friends to join in. The concept of Blogtoberfest is simple - post on your blog everyday for the month of October.  There is no penalty if you don't complete the mission, just play along and have fun. You also get an introduction to lots of other blogs out there and you get to participate in (including host your own) blog giveaways.

This year, I was reminded by Ophelia and Florinda about this year's Blogtoberfest and so here we are again, playing along in this posting frenzy. Ophelia gets full kudos for her participation and commitment - last year she played while she was away on holiday and this year, she just delivered her second baby (on 12 October!).

The festival was started in 2008 by Cathy over at tinniegirl as some fun for her blog readers and friends, who are mainly people interested in art and crafts. Although that's how it started out, there have never been any restrictions on the type of blog which is participating. Anyone and everyone is welcome to play along. You just need a blog, any blog. You can sign up anytime, never mind if you've only now learned about it.


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