Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ryan at play

After a late night, we woke up really late today. We went to our new unit to meet up with the contractor to discuss the proposed work and after that, it was a quick lunch before we were off to Playclub. It's Week 6 of the term which means having Parent's Chats and taking the class photo! Also, outdoor play this week is swimming so it was not a class to be missed!

Ryan was exhausted after Playclub, he went down for a good three hours. When he woke up, we had a late dinner at Aston's and popped into Richard's office for a bit. Ryan was so funny there. He climbed up onto one of the chairs, jabbed at the keyboard, picked up the telephone and said, "Hello?" I think there was a recorded message playing and so he wouldn't let go of the phone. He just continued "chatting" and "typing". 
Ryan at work
That's some good pretend play, son!


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