Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weight throughout 1st trimester

How interesting it is that pregnancy causes every woman to obsess about her weight. Whether it is too little, too much, too fast, too slow, it definitely ranks as one of the all-time favourite topics of conversation among preggers.

This is my weight chart for 1st trimester... not much change. Gynae wants me to stay within a gain of 1 kg up to 16 weeks.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Scan at 14 weeks

We are finally in our 2nd trimester! Have been feeling less tired and less nauseous and have also been puking less. Starting to feel like a normal human being.

Went to see Dr Chan again for our 14th week update. Baby has grown to 9.14 cm (CRL) !! Still can't tell the gender yet, but Dr Chan says, "It could be a boy."

Next appointment we will be having the amniocentesis test to check for genetic abnormalities.

These are the 3D/4D scan printouts.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tired Tired Nauseous Tired Tired

12 weeks along now and have been feeling tired and nauseous. Was puking almost everyday for about one to two weeks, making regular donations to the toilet bowl. However, the puking is not the worst part, in fact puking is easy. The part I hate the most is the utter fatigue and exhaustion. I'm just too tired to get out of bed, to put on my make up (which is pointless anyway since it gets washed off after I puke), to stay awake in the office, to stay awake when I get home...

The bloatedness has gone down but my appetite has changed. I prefer lots of veggies and greens and sweet stuff, nothing too salty, nothing too oily, less meat. Can't take chicken rice or nasi lemak or KFC. Strong smells like frying oil and garlic... cannot tahan. On the flip side, I have no food cravings. In fact, I don't have much appetite at all but if I don't eat, I will feel nauseous. So mealtime is always a chore - I have to really crack my brains for ideas on what to eat.

Sigh. I can't wait for 1st trimester to be over.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Scan at 10 weeks

Our next appointment at the gynae, 10 weeks now, baby is growing well, CRL (Crown-Rump Length) is 3.59 cm. Placenta is still a little low, but is not covering the cervix and gynae is confident it will not be a problem.

Gynae also managed to do a rough NT measurement (0.89 mm). He said this is really minimal which is good because it shows less risk of Down's Syndrome. That is really good news for us, as our first (unplanned) pregnancy in late 2005 ended in a miscarriage at 12 weeks due to baby having Down's Syndrome.

Baby was moving his hands and gynae managed to scan and count five fingers!

Am feeling some slight nausea if I skip a meal or eat a little later than usual... looks like the nasty symptoms are starting...

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