Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tiger Boy update and some "me-time"

Today I was excited to see Tiger, having received the encouraging news last night that Tiger was responding to the fluids. I went to visit around lunch time. He certainly seemed more alert today so his hangover fog must have lifted a little. Dr Yeoh was around, he popped by and chatted with me a little about Tiger. I asked him whether we can continue to let Tiger out of the house and Dr Yeoh said it's better to keep him indoors to monitor that he is eating well. So it looks like shifting to our new unit may be a good thing for Tiger after all. I was worried that he'd be miserable at being cooped up in an apartment but if it's better for him, then he's just going to have to get used to it!

Dr Yeoh also said that he may discharge Tiger tomorrow if things continue to go well. I was very happy and relieved to hear that. Dr Yeoh also said that if Tiger starts eating then he will consider discharging him even with high creatinin levels. We will just have to do the fluid therapy at home to try to bring the levels down.

While I was there, I met a lovely lady whose was also visiting her cat in the hospital. Tiger's cage was next to her cat's cage so we were sitting next to each other and we started chatting. Her cat got into a fight and injured her eye and has to stay in the hospital for three weeks while the eye heals. I could tell that she really loves her cat - she was pampering her and hand-feeding her and talking gently to her.  I do hope that things go smoothly for them.

I planned to visit Tiger again in the evening, so I decided not to go back to the office. Instead, I went to the hair salon for a couple of hours and had some "me-time". It has been quite some time since I had that luxury. After that, I went to fetch Ryan and then it was back to the hospital to see Tiger.  Richard also dropped by to see him and after that, we all went for a good Indian dinner at Muthu's Flavours at Dempsey Hill. Ryan was quite adventurous, he tried a little of each dish.

Ryan trying Indian food
Looking forward to having our Tiger Boy back home so am keeping my fingers crossed that the levels continue to go down and that he will start eating some food.


Jasopheleb said...

i remembered how worried i was when my dog frosty was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma and had to go for a jaw op many years ago... each time someone mentioned him tears just roll... but he got well with the op. medicine is advance these days lets just hope they'll live a long life... glad to know that tiger boy is responding well to treatment.

Pinkie Pirate said...

Ophe, yes it sucks doesn't it? Soon it will be our children's turn to have pets of their own...

Jasopheleb said...

haha... i hope not hamsters. i'm quite squirmish when it comes to hamsters... haha...

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