Friday, February 28, 2014

Some sweetness for the weekend

This come-back post has been difficult to compose, ironically because I've been away for so long. There is so much to share, it's hard to focus on just one thing.

So let's start with something simple - some sweetness for the weekend. A little something that, hopefully, will give you a secret smile till we meet again on Monday. And yes, I promise, I will be here on Monday.

These photos were taken last weekend. Babydoll is wearing a dress I made for her, using Rae Hoekstra's Geranium pattern but with a modified bodice. I made this for Chinese New Year so I drafted a crossover bodice reminiscent of a cheongsam/qipao. I initially wanted to add Chinese frog buttons for a more Chinese look, but decided to go with the gold trim instead.

Babydoll insisted on wearing the necklace and the socks. I admire her audacity.

The necklace is from Cotton On Kids. Babydoll and I visited the branch at Vivocity a few weeks ago and she selected this one. After trying it on, she put it back on the rack and so we left it. Last weekend, we visited another outlet at Plaza Singapura and she picked out the same necklace. She was wearing this dress and the colours matched perfectly - she refused to take it off. So here it is.

The socks belong to her big brother (and they are also too big for him). Babydoll loves looking for fashion inspiration in her brother's wardrobe. She will pull out his T-shirts and bottoms and wear them all at one go (on top of her own clothes). Once she's satisfied that she's got all the good stuff, she will waltz over to the mirror to check herself out. And of course, we ooh and ahh along with her.

What can I say, this girl is never boring.

Here are some photos of the back of the dress. I was so delighted to find these pink cherry blossom buttons in my stash - they go perfectly with this dress.

A couple more shots - just because I'm enjoying babydoll's curls. She hasn't had a haircut yet (since she was born) and her hair is falling over her eyes now. I usually keep it, or at least the front portion, tied up.

Have a good weekend. Come back on Monday, won't you? I'll be here. Promise.

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