Thursday, October 14, 2010

Morning routine

Ryan's morning routine depends on whether he is woken up by Richard/me or he wakes up on his own. Generally, we let Ryan sleep as much as he wants. If we have an appointment to get to, we will leave him sleeping in bed while we get ourselves ready. He will wake up (crying and searching for the breast) if I'm gone too long from bed, so I try to be as speedy as possible. Once Richard and I are ready to leave the house, we simply scoop him out of bed and it's out the door we all go. Sometimes Ryan continues sleeping in his car seat, sometimes not.

If we are not supposed to be off somewhere then I will stay in bed with Ryan until he wakes up. If I'm not sleepy, I will read a book or get on the internet.

When Ryan is about to wake, he will try to cling on to sleep, fussing and searching for the breast. He will latch on but sleep will ultimately escape him and he will finally open his eyes. Then comes my reward - when he sees me, he gives me an incredible smile. I can't get enough of that smile, it's pure joy and contentment. Beautiful.

After lots of kisses, Richard takes him to brush his teeth. This is what they look like in the bathroom.

Ryan brushing his teeth with Richard
(Ryan is standing on an overturned pail, while Richard stands behind him and holds the pail in place with his legs.)

After that, a change of clothes and the day begins.


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