Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weight throughout 2nd trimester

Here's my weight chart for my 2nd trimester. Dr Chan's (strict) guideline is a maximum gain of 2 kg for every 4 weeks from week 16 onwards. So far so good.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

First of many changes to come

This morning, we collected our new car. Now we have two cars!

We had to buy another car because our other car is a two-seater. The new car is very spacious and there's plenty of space for an infant car seat to fit comfortably. This car is really for the baby!

I guess there are many more 'lifestyle' changes that we will be making when baby comes. No more living without a schedule, no more flying by the seat of our pants, no more of just getting-up and go whenever we please, no more sleeping in late in the morning, no more napping in the afternoon, no more mahjong three times a week, no more skipping meals or eating at odd hours... the list goes on and on...

Then again, we're looking forward to spending time with our baby, feeding him, bathing him, hearing him say his first words, enjoying his first smile, listening to his first chuckle, seeing him have his first swimming lesson, his first ride in his stroller, car rides with him... ahhh... can't wait!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cord blood banking

Today we went for a talk by Stemcord to find out more about cord blood banking. There are two private banks (Stemcord and Cordlife) and one public bank.

The statistics show that it is rare that cord blood is actually needed or used in treating medical conditions, but there have been some cases where cord blood has been used to save a life where everything else failed. That's good enough for us to want to bank our baby's blood. However, we have not decided whether we should bank privately or donate to the public bank.

After the talk, we still had not made up our mind so we decided to leave the decision till later.

My tummy is starting to really show now! Feels great to be out of the "limbo" phase. This is the latest belly shot.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Scan at 24 weeks

Today we went for our 24-week scan. Baby is growing well, now at 670 g. All his organs are developed and from now on, he will just have to put on weight. Dr Chan was quick to point out that this does not mean that the mummy should put on weight too!

We got a good look at his face today. Here are the printouts.

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