Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fun at eXplorer Kid and Check-up at the PD

Two weekends ago, we met up with some friends (Kenny, Belinda, Matthias and Chris, Alicia and Brayden) at E!Hub at Downtown East for some fun at eXplorer kid's indoor children's playground followed by lunch. Ryan was especially interested in the ball pits and the Mega Play at the indoor playground. The Mega Play is a large 3-level obstacle course - Ryan slid down the tubes, climbed up the nets and crawled through the tunnels and Richard and I took turns to slide, climb and crawl along with him. It was quite tiring for the adults because we had to crouch down and kneel/squat to fit in the spaces, but it was fun. Here are some iphone photos of Richard and Ryan in the ball pit with the changing lights. I didn't manage to take photos while we were in the Mega Play, it's tough enough keeping up with the children in there!

I think Ryan enjoyed himself a lot. We picked up a membership for him so we'll be back!

In other news, I brought Ryan to the PD two Mondays ago. Nothing to worry about, just his routine check-up and vaccinations.

Ryan's PD is Dr Ngiam Thye Eng at International Child and Adolescent Clinic at Gleneagles. Dr Ngiam is quite a popular doctor, so we usually have a bit of a wait for our turn. While we waited, we got Ryan weighed and measured (he is 10.22 kg and 80 cm tall) and I ticked off the developmental checklist in the health booklet. The checklist was for children up to 18 months - Ryan is 20 months - the check-up was way overdue!

When we got into the consultation room, Dr Ngiam asked me if I wanted Ryan to take the vaccination for MMR (measles, mumps and rubella) together with the varicella vaccination, or if I preferred to have the vaccinations done in separate jabs instead. Of course, I don't want Ryan to be jabbed again, so I said we'll take the MMR plus varicella in one shot. So, Dr Ngiam administered the jab on Ryan's arm and Ryan was so good - he sat so still and was so calm, he didn't cry at all. Dr Ngiam was so amazed. I am thankful that Ryan is normally very good with jabs and that he is also one of the lucky children who do not suffer a fever after a jab.

Dr Ngiam checked Ryan's senses and responses (sight, hearing, etc.) and we chatted a little about Ryan's development and wellbeing. Dr Ngiam assured me Ryan is of good weight and everything looks good. He asked if Ryan was speaking any words yet and I told him, yes, Ryan does know and speak quite a number of words. Dr Ngiam said, "That's fast".

Nothing much else, we were in and out in under ten minutes and we then went for tea with Sheri and Jousy. We are due to go back in 6 weeks for the next routine vaccination.


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