Sunday, October 10, 2010


Well, of course the post title is 10.10.10, what else would it be?

Our 10.10.10 was very pleasant. We slept in and skipped swimming class, then we went to Raffles Hotel Arcade for some shopping and had lunch at Empire Cafe. Popped into the new Leica store there, there was some cool stuff there for photography and Leica buffs.  After that, Ryan went for his Shichida class.

We picked Terri up at the airport at 6 pm (she's in Singapore on business) and we went straight for dinner and some catching up. I had asked her if she could bring Ryan some books and she managed to get the titles which I asked for, plus an extra book for Ryan with incredible pop-ups - thanks so much Terri!  After dinner, we popped by our new place and gave Terri the tour of the unit.

I wanted to take some photos today, to document the perfect "10" day, but sad to say, I didn't manage to. Ryan was particularly sticky today and wanted to be carried around. Probably because he didn't take his usual nap in the afternoon, he was feeling tired and easily irritated.  Anyway, here's a photo from a few weeks back of my two men, pausing in their play to check out the football score.


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