Thursday, May 23, 2013

Visiting Rou Ern in the hospital

After three posts on what we did on Saturday, it's time to move on! Our Sunday was quite the usual fare. Except that all of us were so tired from our Saturday exertions that we overslept and had to rush out the door for the children's classes. We were still late, of course.

I was still feeling half a human and stoning in the hallway after Rachel's Shichida class, when a blog reader came up to me and asked me, "Are you Leona?" Oh! Ah. My first reaction was happy surprise. My second reaction was dammit, why am I looking like I hadn't washed my hair for days? (Probably because that was in fact the case. Heh heh. Serves me right for thinking I could get away with it.) Anyway, in all seriousness, I was very happy to meet "M" and her good-looking child. It is always, always a pleasure to know that I share this space with other people.

In Shichida-related news, remember this post where I mentioned that Ryan had been selected as a Shichida Genius? I said that the showcase would be in March, but the centre decided to have it in June. So if you're a Shichida parent and if you are free on 2 June 2013, hop on over to the Shichida branch at Toa Payoh to see Ryan! Bring your family too! I will be there also - there will be a Q&A session with me so you can ask questions about Ryan, parenting and Shichida. How does that sound?

Ok, let's get back to our happening updates. Monday was busy busy busy because we spent half the afternoon visiting Ryan's good friend in the hospital. Rou Ern had come down with an infection and, to be on the safe side, her mom admitted her into hospital. Everything is well and good - Rou Ern was discharged on Tuesday with a clean bill of health. Hop on over to Shann's blog for the details.

We headed over to see Rou Ern after I picked Ryan up from school. Rou Ern wasn't contagious so I hoped that it would cheer her up to spend some time with a friend, plus Ryan is quite fond of Rou Ern so he would be happy to see her. 

Look at the grin on Rou Ern's face! 

Ryan brought along two sets of magnetic wooden letters and a set of numbers. He was so happy playing with them that he hardly ate his lunch. I bought two Happy Meals from McDonald's for the kids, but they hardly touched the meals - they were just too distracted with each other and with the letters. Ee Fann (Rou Ern's dad) and I sat on the floor, eating our own McDonald's meals and chatting while the children carried on their business.

We were there for more than two hours! I didn't expect to stay so long but ... well... just check out the happiness on this girl's face! I just could not bear to tear Ryan away.

Pinched the last photo from Shann, who arrived later to replace Ee Fann. Ryan is actually watching the TV in that photo, hence his slightly zoned out expression. This was in between other activities - both of them jumping up and down on the bed (despite Rou Ern being attached to an antibiotic drip); pretending that they were camping under the blankets; and chatting away.

Last night, I asked Ryan if he would like to call Rou Ern and he said yes, so I made a call to Shann. Ryan asked Rou Ern if she was feeling better and the two children chatted for a while. It was so adorable to hear them go on and on. Rou Ern and her family are leaving Singapore soon, so hopefully we will be able to meet up again for a proper outing before their departure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Leona...
You looked just fine ! Really..
Really glad to have a chance to meet you and little Rachel in person.


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