Thursday, May 2, 2013


Posting is light on the blog this week because we have been travelling! Every April we go up to KL to celebrate some family birthdays and this year was no exception. We flew up on Saturday and just got back last night.

We chose to fly this time instead of drive. It was our first time flying as a family of four!

Here we are at the airport, waiting for our flight. Richard is missing because he went off to buy lunch for us.

Picked up some reading material for the short flight. A visit to the bookstore is a pre-flight ritual for me.

Excited and looking forward to seeing his cousins!

Ryan is a very experienced flyer. Before he turned four, this little boy had flown to six different countries already. He's a good passenger - he's never had any meltdowns or tantrums in the air, and he's never had any problems with take-off or landing. He can also survive the flight without the iPad/iPhone/any other gadget, and this is true even for long-haul flights like flying to USA (via Frankfurt).

A rare photo of the two parents. It was a bit of a novel experience for us too because we decided to fly on a budget airline. Apart from one flight many years ago (pre-kids), we don't fly budget. The experience was quite good really, especially as it was such a short flight. We might do this more often!

It was Rachel's first time on a plane, and she slept through almost the whole flight.

Here she is, fresh from her nap, as the plane was landing.

Here are some photos of the return leg. 

While Richard stowed the stroller in cargo, Ryan raced up the stairs to the aircraft himself! The crew were very amused to see such a tiny passenger looking so comfortable with everything that was going on.

Babydoll was fully awake for the whole flight this time and she flirted with everyone around us, including stretching her arm between our seats through to the back to play with the passengers behind us. She didn't have any problems and was cheerful throughout the flight.

Here's Ryan racing off from the aircraft into the terminal building - we're back!

So, yes, we're home now, quite tired but happy. I'm flying off again tomorrow morning (Friday) so I won't be posting till next week. I do have a lot to share with you all so do pop by then! 


Sue said...

Oh so much travelling. Please take good care of your health!
Catch up next week then :)



Wow, looks like fun! I haven't been to KL for a long time. In fact I haven't been on holiday for a long time lol!

terri said...

Another nice episode of calm!

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