Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy weekend everyone!

It's the weekend and it's back to our normal weekend routine. In addition, we are planning to go see "The Art of the Brick" exhibition at the ArtScience museum, which should be eye-popping!

I do hope to also spend more time at home tidying up. I've been traveling quite a bit and every time I do, our home turns into a pig sty. There is stuff covering every single horizontal surface of our home right now, even the floor. I am feeling overwhelmed by all that has to be tidied up, but I have to start somewhere because if I don't then who will? So resolving that is going to be a priority.

I am running behind on answering emails, I know. I'm getting some interesting queries, but they are rather detailed, so I need some time to craft my replies. If you have emailed me, rest assured I will be replying soon.

So it looks like this weekend is going to be juggling, juggling and juggling. Let's hope I survive.

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