Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fishing at Big Splash

The last of our Saturday - we went fishing!

We met up with Chris, Alicia and their son, Brayden, in the evening at Fish @ BigSplash. It's a no-frills place where the kids can participate in "longkang" fishing while the older ones and adults can do fishing and prawning with rods and lines.

Here are the boys, with Chris, surveying the scene. Ryan is very comfortable with Chris, which I think is because he takes his cue from Brayden. Since Brayden (obviously) accepts Chris, that means Ryan approves as well. Hahaha! 

Can't wait to get started!

Ryan was quite funny. He would enthusiastically scoop his net into the water, bring it up and peek inside. Of course, you can't catch a fish this way so everytime he would shrug his shoulders and say, "Oh well" and put his hand down. Then, as he walks to another spot with his hand down (and net in the water) somehow he would net some fish! The adults would start calling frantically, "Ryan! Ryan! Come over here! Put your fish in the tank!" He was quite bewildered, actually!

Not to be outdone, the fathers showed off their skills too. Ah, boys will be boys.

A lot of good fun, the boys really enjoyed themselves. For the price you pay, you get a small plastic fish tank and a net, which you can bring home. You can also bring home what you catch, up to a maximum of 18 fish per tank, although they aren't strict about the exact number.

When it was time to go, I released the littlest fish in Ryan's tank back into the pond. There were still quite a number so I asked Ryan how many he wanted to bring home. He said seven, so we gave some to Brayden in order to leave seven in Ryan's tank.

After the children rinsed off and changed their clothes and, after the staff packed up the fish for us, we went for dinner at Old Town White Coffee. Then, it was off to the beach! The boys got right into it, even sprawling full length and rolling about on the sand!

Great outing - simple and fuss-free - that's all the kids need, eh? It was arranged at the last minute, actually. So glad that we managed to get together! It was the perfect end to our active day.

Richard went out and bought a proper fish tank the next day. One fish went to God overnight so we have six now. Ryan feeds them every morning and evening. He drops the fish food in, grain by grain.

Posing with his tank! You can see a little scratch on his left arm - he had a little fall on the walkway at the beach while running around with Brayden. No worries, I like to think that it's one of the hallmarks of a rich childhood. Heh heh.

Thumbs up!


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