Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a little nervous

Last Sunday, after Rachel's Shichida class, a very nice lady came up to me and asked, "Are you Leona?". Why yes, I am! It was an absolute pleasure to meet Sandy and her gorgeous little one! We chatted on and on. I felt as if we were already good friends, and her little one and Rachel connected instantly. It is wonderful to know that we can make connections and forge friendships through this little space on the worldwideweb and I am always, always grateful for the goodwill and warm wishes for Ryan and Rachel. Everytime a reader reaches out, it feels like we are part of a loving community - it is an amazing feeling.

If you are coming to Ryan's showcase this Sunday, do say hello! Our entire little family will be there. I can't guarantee that everything will go as planned at the event - nervous nervous - I'm praying for positive vibes and leaving everything to the powers that be.

Richard and I spent two or three nights last week putting together a short video for the event which will be screened just before Ryan takes the stage. It shows some of what Ryan normally does at home plus some of his "hobbies" like swimming and modelling. Existing readers will recognise some snippets from the blog, plus there will be some new "previously unreleased" video footage as well.

Leading up to the event, we are going to be spending the weekend in as lazy a manner as possible - there's no violin class this weekend and Rachel has no Shichida class either. We have been getting to bed rather late over the past few nights, so squeezing in some naptime is going to be a goal. Hope your weekend will be restful too.


Sue said...

Excited about tomorrow :)
Don't worry, Ryan will do great :)
See you tomorrow!

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hey Sue, thank you so much for coming, and thank you so much for your little card and gift - what a thoughtful and sweet gesture! You and your hubby make a lovely couple - you are a yummy mummy! Hope to meet up with you again, and meet your little ones too.

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