On Friday evening, we met up with some friends at the Build-a-Bear Workshop at Harbourfront mall and each child had their own soft toy made for them! Here's Victoria with her dog, Brayden with his rabbit and Ryan with his dog. Rou Ern, who arrived later, also chose a dog (which she put on rollerskates!).

Here's Ryan, at the start - the stuffing. It takes less than five minutes and you can stuff your toy as firm or as soft as you want.

Testing for optimum huggability.

Putting hearts into the soft toys, after filling the hearts with good wishes and good traits.

A good bath to shake off the past and to prepare for all the goodness to come!

Dressing up! Ryan initially chose a fireman outfit for his dog, but when he saw the Buzz Lightyear gear, there was no turning back. "To Infinity and Beyond!", he said, oh so excitedly!

Birth certificate and ownership details. Ryan chose the name, which was - you guessed it - Buzz. This boy has a very focused and clear vision. Hahaha!

We spent about $50 on Buzz and his outfit, after a credit card discount of 10%. The price will vary according to the toy and the outfit and accessories that you choose - and the range of stuff is really quite amazing (or alarming, if you are thinking about your wallet!).

All in all - good fun! The staff at the workshop were great with the children and made the experience a lot more meaningful than just picking up a soft toy. There were a lot of nice touches - making wishes for their new buddies, giving them baths, giving them names and birth certificates, choosing outfits and identities - everything adds to the emotional bank and enriches the experience.

After everyone was done, we went for dinner at Bosses Restaurant at the adjoining Vivocity mall. The restaurant could only accommodate our big group (13 plus 3 babies!) at two tables, so the daddies squeezed with the four pre-schoolers at the smaller table, while the ladies and babies took the bigger table. On hindsight, we should have swopped tables because the men ordered (and ate) so much food! They even walloped the leftovers from the ladies table! It's probably because they didn't have to make conversation with us - what a joy for them! - they just focused on eating! Hahaha!

After our competitive dinner, we adjourned to the ground floor so that the children could take the train ride around the mall. It starts and ends at the mall entrance next to Starbucks. A ticket costs $5 and the trip takes about ten minutes.

Here are the cuties, waiting for the train!

Ryan realised that their tickets had numbers on them and insisted that they all sit according to their ticket numbers.  His was number 5, which was the last, so he went to the back of the queue.

Bye bye Mama! See you later!

Back from their ride! They spent the rest of the outing running around outside Starbucks while the parents indulged in some "kopi". There were a few skirmishes, but generally they were happy to be in each other's company.


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