The last four days, Friday to Monday, have been chockful of events and activities and outings. Lots to share, so let's get started.

Friday was a terribly busy day at the office for me. I spent the whole day preparing for something which I wasn't even sure was going to happen and, at about 7 pm, was about to give up and leave for a gala dinner when someone up there smiled upon me and made all my work fruitful. I wrapped everything up and popped back home to dolly up for the dinner. We were a little late but still managed to snag a red carpet photo! 

I think we clean up quite well, eh?

Ok, back to being Mom and Dad. Living the high life is only fun because we get to do it so rarely, hahaha.

Saturday was an intense day. There was Heguru and violin in the morning. After that, we had plans to meet up with some friends but our plans fell through. No worries, we had a back-up plan! Richard suggested that we visit an art exhibition at the Capella Hotel in Sentosa.

We walked around the hotel a bit before going to the gallery. The hotel was busy preparing for two weddings/solemnisations that day. Such a beautiful and elegant place to be married in.

This is what we went to see. "The Unexpected - Time in Art" by Yaacov Agam. And no, I don't know where Richard finds these things.

Agam is famous for his kinetic works. What's that, you say? Take a look at this piece. 

Here's the same piece. From the side.

Cool, yes? Try another one. From the right.

And from the left.

One more - this piece is called "Day and Night". 

From the right - it's Night.

And, from the left, it's Day.

There weren't many pieces so we were done in about twenty minutes. Good stuff. I thought it was very inventive and innovative, and a little cheeky. A different perspective of how art can represent movement.

The pieces were at adult height so Richard had to carry Ryan for viewing, while I carried Rachel. Rachel looked quietly and intently at the pieces, especially the more 'holographic' ones towards the back of the gallery.

If you are a believer of beautiful things for even the littlest ones, check out this list of 11 of the Best Designed Board Books over at Design Mom. Visual yumminess in every page.

Where's babydoll? Here she is!

This was us, waiting for our lunch at Picotin at Quayside Isle. It was a nice day for sitting next to the fancy yachts, not too hot, not too humid. We had a long and lazy time, and the littles charmed everyone including the friendly waitress.

And that's it for this edition of our Saturday chronicles - it was such a happening day that I'm splitting it up into three posts! Come back tomorrow to see where we went next!


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