Thursday, May 9, 2013

Birthday celebrations in KL

Sharing some photos from the celebrations in KL two weeks back. 

These are photos from Richard's dad's birthday celebration. We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant for the family, some relatives and some close friends, after which we adjourned to Margaret's home for cake-cutting.

Earlier we went shopping and Ryan picked out the set of candles spelling "Birthday Boy", which you can see on the cake.

Ryan got the "tie" all to himself - as you can see, his brain is no longer responsive... he couldn't process our request when we asked him for a photo, haha! He had a few bites before he declared he had enough, as he does not usually take a lot of sweet stuff.

And yes, that's his handiwork on the table - he lovingly arranged the candles after they were plucked from the cake.

Next set of photos is from a small family gathering for Margaret's birthday. The photos are self-explanatory.

The next day we (sort of) celebrated again! Yummy seafood dinner at SS2.

My brother with Rachel.

That's all!


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