Monday, May 6, 2013

Superdad in charge

I flew into Singapore yesterday evening into the arms of my littlest hero, my babydoll and my dear husband. What a feeling! "Coming home" now means so much more than it used to. It means being complete, being whole, because home is truly where the heart is.

Here's what my gang of lovelies got up to while I was away.

Richard and I tried to arrange things such that we could maintain Ryan's weekend routine which meant getting Ryan to all his classes. To try to give Richard an easier time, we asked Rachel's nanny if Rachel could go over on Saturday. Her nanny was happy to oblige and even took Rachel out with her for a buffet lunch with her family. I felt it was the best arrangement for everyone. It was much better for Rachel because she would get undivided attention and her usual naptime would not be disrupted. It was much better for Ryan and Richard because they could have some quality father and son bonding time.

Otherwise, the three of them might have had more moments like this one on Friday night when Richard picked up the two littles after work:

That's Richard with Rachel in the baby carrier and a sleeping Ryan in his left arm. Yes, he is using his right hand to snap a photo with his iPhone. That was the first photo Richard sent me while I was away.

So on Saturday, after sending Rachel to her nanny, Richard and Ryan went for violin class and then Ryan got a haircut. Then they went to the Uniqlo pop-up store at Mohd Sultan and had a blast there. According to Richard, Ryan told him, "I had a good time!" Click here to watch their short video in the global UT Camera gallery!

They picked Rachel up around 5 pm and went over to T3 at Changi airport for Ryan to expend the rest of his energy at Singkids. Ryan made some friends there, as you can see from the photo below.

Richard said that Ryan had a nightmare later that night. At 4 am, he mumbled in his sleep, "Cake! I want to see my cake!" Then he woke up and asked for me. Rachel woke up at the same time so Richard had to put two cranky and sleepy children back to sleep. Not easy.

Richard had his hands full on Sunday but, again, he had everything under control. Ryan made it to swimming class and even to Shichida class (with Rachel in the baby carrier), and everyone got fed properly and everyone was happy.

We had to skip Rachel's classes (Heguru and Shichida) because it would not have been possible for Ryan to sit in for those classes. Nevertheless Rachel had an exciting weekend because she had her first audition for an acting/modelling role! Crossing our fingers that she'll land the part!

Her agent asked me to go along for the audition because they were also looking for someone to play the "mummy" - what a shame I couldn't make it! It would have been a nice experience to have a go at an audition!

After Rachel's audition, my little gang came to the airport to pick me up.

And that was the end of their adventure.

In conclusion - thank you, my dear hubs, for keeping everyone happy and for giving me nothing to worry about. It must have been tough at times, but you made it look easy. Shall we do this more often? heh heh.


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