Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend update and more sewing

My weekend was one of those which had me lurching from heartstopping high to heartwrenching low, and back round again. Sigh. They hit us every now and again, don't they?

Well, let's focus on the highs. There were enough of those. There always are.

First up, I made a pair of pants for Ryan, which is the pair he's wearing in the photo below. Richard is wearing a matching pair from Uniqlo. Richard bought his pair first, and when I saw them, I was inspired to make Ryan a pair to match. I love how it turned out! They aren't exact matches - the design is different and Ryan's is more of a turqoise, while Richard's is more blue. I used a pattern called the W Pants (by Melissa of Melly Sew for Blank Slate Patterns).

Rachel is wearing the dress version of the Geranium which I made for her a few weeks back (you've already seen the top version which I also made). I used three pink buttons for the back closure, but I didn't get photos of the back. This fabric is a cotton with some white embroidery on it - I love the candy colours. I still have a little bit of it so I'll see how I can use it.

These photos of Rachel were taken on Saturday morning when we popped into the Farmer's Market at the Pantry at Loewen Gardens in Dempsey. This event is organised by the Pantry Cookery School and is held every first and third Saturday of the month from 8.30 am to about 2 pm (do check their website for confirmation, as the event gets cancelled sometimes, depending on the level of participation).

We've always missed the chance to go because of classes so I was looking forward to it this time. As it turned out, I was a little disappointed because there was very little variety. Most of the stalls were selling baked goods and handcrafted items. There was only one stall selling veggies (we're not talking about local veggies - they had been airflown from Kathmandu). So, as Richard put it, "there was only one farmer at the farmer's market". The baked goods all looked really good, but I wish there was more variety in terms of meat, veggies, and other produce.

Anyway, two highlights of the event - I bumped into an old friend who was there with her little toddler daughter and had the chance to catch up with her a little. Plus, with all the baked goods on offer, there had to be, and there was, my favourite - the lamington! Pricey though - one cost a whopping S$4! Richard bought two for me to slowly savour over the weekend.

No photos of the event, as I wasn't sure if the stall holders would mind and I didn't really want to snap photos of macarons and honey bread. It was also drizzling, so not a good time to whip out the camera.

In the evening, we drove out to Changi Village for dinner. I'd written previously that, to me, Changi Village had an "away-from-the-madding-crowds" sort of feeling. Gosh, that feeling was not present at all on Saturday evening. The whole street was packed with people, all out for dinner. Still, I actually liked the feeling of community and it was still quite laidback because people were just strolling about, very relaxed. There was, however, a steady procession of cars going in and out of the carparks around the restaurants, and most of the time, it was so congested that the queues of cars were not moving at all. All that made the place seem very busy and crowded. Nevertheless, we had a good dinner and went home happy.

Sunday was our usual busy Sunday. We concluded our weekend with dinner and shopping at Ngee Ann City and the littles fell asleep on the way home. They've been going to bed pretty early (by our standards, at least).

Ok, one more photo! You can also see Rachel's new pedicure, courtesy of her nanny's daughter (a glittery blue).


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