Thursday, September 26, 2013

Updates on Rachel

We brought Rachel to see Dr Ngiam on Tuesday for her jab and 15-month wellness check. She was a little sleepy so I was expecting her to fuss but she took the jab without issue.

Babydoll is 9.06 kg, which is right on track. Her birthweight was 2.98 kg and the guide is to have it tripled at 12 months. From then, a good weight gain is 2 kg a year. We didn't measure her height.

We asked about food and Dr Ngiam said she should be on three meals a day of soft solids. That's pretty much what she has at the moment, so all well and good.

We asked about some marks on her legs and Dr Ngiam said that they were from mosquito bites. He said that's how their skin reacts at this stage and the reaction will become less severe as the skin "learns". The marks will stay for quite a while but will eventually disappear. There has been quite a lot of construction around her nanny's place recently hence the mosquito bites.

Nothing much else. It was a quick consultation - the best kind.


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