Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Celebrating Kate's 1st birthday

Last Saturday evening, Florinda invited our family to her daughter's 1st birthday celebration. As you can see, the children had the party in the pool! Florinda told everyone to come prepared to go straight into the water, and that's exactly what we did. There was a wading pool for the non-swimmers and a larger swimming pool for the more adventurous ones. Florinda also got an inflatable slide which the kids thoroughly enjoyed.

These next three photos are from Florinda. Ryan had a fabulous time in the water with Brayden - the two boys were absolutely thrilled to be playing and swimming in the water. Chris (Brayden's dad) looked after the two of them when they were swimming in the deeper pool - thanks Chris! Ryan adores "Uncle Chris" and listens to him.

After the water fun, the children continued the party with bubble wands. Ryan is terrible with these - when the bubbles appear, he gets so excited and, in the course of going "wow" at the bubbles, he forgets that he's holding the tube of bubble solution in the other hand and he will invariably turn the tube and spill everything! No photos of that - because the whole thing was over before the camera could appear, haha.

After dinner, there was the cake-cutting and the cake-eating. Then the children went to burn off more calories at the playground, no matter that it was already pretty dark by then. The adults sat around and chatted and it was great to meet some new friends.

You can read about the party on Florinda's blog - click here! Little Kate is growing up so lovely - happy birthday little one!


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