Monday, September 30, 2013

Sewing - a blanket for Ryan

A quick post today. The weekend was excellent and I have been busy with an assortment of things, some of which you'll see on the blog eventually.

We had a fun night with friends last night and the festivities ended pretty late. Ryan was still sound asleep this morning when he should have been awake - I let him sleep a little while more while I attempted to edit some photos and blog. Checked my email and that's when I realised that his school was having his class photo taken today! Panic! My heart dropped and I sprinted upstairs to wake and dress the sleeping beauty and whoosh! out the door we went, grabbing his water bottle on the way out.

Let it be recorded that in Ryan's still-dreaming state of consciousness, he was still able to point out to me, as I hurriedly put his socks on for him, that his right sock was "not right". According to Ryan, socks must be pulled straight up, and the heel and the toe portions must fit PERFECTLY on the heel and the toe. Do it properly, mama.

Thankfully, we made it - FIVE minutes before the photoshoot. Talk about a close call. My heart would not have been able to take it if we'd missed the photoshoot because I was blogging.

And that's why today's post will be short.

Today's post is simply about a blanket. 

I sewed this up for Ryan last week. He chose the fabric - a quilting cotton for the front and a minky chevron for the back. The quilting cotton is designed by Graphic 45 for Wilmington Prints and is from the ABC Primer collection. I bound the two fabrics together with green bias tape.

It was not easy putting this together because of the very narrow borders on the print. I wanted to preserve every bit of the print so a lot of careful sewing was required. I made a mess in several parts but, overall, not too bad an effort, I think. The minky side is very cozy and Ryan loves the alphabet print.

That's all.


Anonymous said...

May I know where u got the cloth?

Pinkie Pirate said...

Hi I got it from Spotlight. It is also available online at most fabric shops.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Even I wanted to know where we can buy the material. It is lovely!


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