That's the advertisement that appeared in The Sunday Times yesterday! We were so excited to see it! What do you think? We think it looks great!

The shoot for the print advertisement was done at the studio (Joel Low's studio) on a separate day from the TV commercial. When Ryan struck that pose that you see in the advertisement, everyone went - "That's the golden shot!" It was the perfect pose and the perfect happy expression, and everyone was especially happy with the sparkling eyes - no photoshop required!

As always, big thanks to all the people involved, especially the photographer, Joel, and Rina from the advertising agency. Again, the clients' representatives (ie. the ladies from Lion) were so supportive of Ryan. They even gave him a goodie bag with Lion products and a Lion soft toy which Ryan named Tinybub (Ryan insists that it must be pronounced as 'Teenybub' despite him spelling it as Tinybub.).

To end off, here are some shots I took with my phone during the shoot that day.


Sue said...

Nice shots! Did you ask if you can keep all the photos? So many different poses and expressions... priceless! :)
Ryan is one good looking boy!

Pinkie Pirate said...

Thanks Sue! No, we didn't get any of the photos :(

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