Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Updates on Rachel

Babydoll is increasingly showing that she understands what's happening even though she doesn't speak many words. I ask her, while nursing, if she would like some yoghurt and she nods her head and de-latches. I tell her we're going out and she gets her sandals and pounds on the front door until we open it. I ask her to bring her storybook over to the mat and we'll read it together, and she does.

The other night, we were all lying in bed trying to sleep and she was sitting up playing in the dark next to me. When Richard came around to get her, fast as lightning she plonked herself on me and pretended to be asleep!

Babydoll does express herself verbally quite a lot - she sings in the car seat, she makes exclamations of joy when we come to fetch her from her nanny, she scolds her brother when he scolds her, she coos lovingly at the animals in her favourite book, and sometimes she just launches into an expressive soliloquy of babytalk. It's very adorable, and Richard and I always smile at each other when we hear her go on like that.

Babydoll's nanny and her nanny's family are all in love with her. Her nanny takes a lot of joy in dressing her up and playing with her hair and her nanny's daughter has taken to giving her pedicures. Every other day, babydoll has a new outfit - the dress she is wearing in this post is one of many outfits that her nanny bought for her on a recent trip to Bangkok.

Her nanny keeps telling me how fun she is to be with. Once her nanny told her that babydoll needed to go into the playpen for a while. Babydoll went inside and staged a silent protest - she threw all her toys out of the playpen, one by one. Heh heh.

Her nanny's husband is her partner in crime - babydoll will tug at his t-shirt on the chair to tell him to "put it on and take me out for a walk!" - he obediently follows her orders and proudly relays to me how smart she is.

Babydoll will, unprompted, wave hello and bye bye to everyone (and I do mean, every single person). She will clap her hands to share both your joy and her joy. She will talk to her soft toys and caress the pets. This morning, she was flipping through her favourite book, talking to and kissing the various animals on the pages. Not quite a social butterfly, but she certainly enjoys her interactions with others.

Physically speaking - she's eating well, sleeping well, healthy and happy. All we could ask for and are blessed to receive.


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