Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life of a Model

These are shots from some of Ryan's recent roles. The first one is from the brochure for the launch of an executive condominium at Pasir Ris called Sea Horizon. I mentioned the shoot briefly in this post. The shoot was a lot of fun and Ryan had a good time, primarily because Jerald Foo (the daddy in the photo) was a ball of energy and kept everyone's spirits up. By the way, Jerald is one of CLEO's 50 Most Eligible Bachelors 2013 and has a rocking instagram - look at this photo! Also, check out this photo on his instagram which was taken at the shoot before the stylist decided to change Ryan's top to the one he's wearing above.

Next are two photos that Ryan shot for another property launch, Kensington Square. I wrote about the shoot in this post. There were some discussions about the models doing the commercial for TV as well but in the end, the client got Mediacorp artiste Rebecca Tan to endorse the TV commercial. 

The first photo is from the e-brochure for the residential units. The second photo shot in the supermarket is from the newspaper advertisements that ran in the papers on Saturday and Sunday, the weekend before last. 

Both properties launched recently so both their campaigns are going on now. In addition, Ryan recently completed a commercial for TV which should air very soon - do look out for it!


Anonymous said...

Who is the model girl with Ryan?

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