I finally got to see Ryan's commercial, but I didn't catch it on TV - I saw it on Youtube! The advertising agency uploaded a copy so I managed to see it there. We are still looking out for it on TV though!

Here's the Youtube video of the Mandarin version which is playing now on Channel 8 during primetime (which is anywhere from 7 to 11 pm). According to the advertising agency, the English version will be airing on Channel 5 in another week's time.

What do you think? I think it's a cute commercial! Ryan did a great job, don't you think?

Something funny to share - check out the scene where you see him with his hands on his hips, shaking his head while Mama Lemon scans the scene for bacteria. I'm actually hiding behind the counter, sitting on the floor, whispering to Ryan to change poses and try different expressions! We went through a few poses and they chose one for the final cut.

The man in the commercial is Pornsak. I was not familiar with him (as we don't watch TV) but he is a popular Mediacorp artiste and the spokesperson for this product. He was a friendly and amiable chap, very patient with Ryan. The lady who played the mother in the shoot was also very good with Ryan, and she managed to get him to work well with her for the final scene where he is clapping his hands.

The production team was from Veer Motion Graphics, which is the same production house that produced Ryan's Super Coffee TV advertisement. Most of the team members were the same as the team for Super Coffee so Ryan was familiar with them, especially the director, Jake. As always, my deepest gratitude to the team - they treated Ryan like a superstar and kept him happy throughout the full-day shoot.

In fact, everyone gave Ryan the star treatment - especially the advertising agency and the clients' representatives, who even played with Ryan when he was resting between takes. I'm truly grateful for that because the most important thing for me is that Ryan enjoys the experience. Coincidentally, the person in charge from the advertising agency (and basically the person who called the shots) was the mummy of one of Ryan's classmates in Shichida! What a small world!

This weekend, do look out for Ryan in the newspapers! There is going to be an advertisement for this product and Ryan will be in it! Hopefully I will see it too, and if so, I'll pop in and share it here.

Have a good weekend all!


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