Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weekend update

I drafted a different post for today but left the draft on the hard drive on a different computer. I'll give you our weekend update first and hopefully, we'll see that post tomorrow.

We had a comfortable weekend, lazed about a lot. Ryan skipped his daytime naps so he went to bed early on both nights and slept through till the morning.

This was the scene at our home on Friday night. Richard was late at the office (he came home at nearly 4 am!) so Ryan and I entertained ourselves by setting up camp in the living room. We've set up camp a few times before and Ryan loves it every single time that we do. Here's Friday's tent and yes, Ryan is inside!

What's he doing inside? Why, singing his ABCs of course!

That rose pink fabric transformed into a skirt on Sunday - I'll post a photo of that soon!

On Saturday, everyone slept in and our day started with lunch. We went to Cafe Swiss at Swissotel The Stamford Hotel and had a long and slow meal.

Then we hopped over to Vivocity where we did a little shopping, followed by some relaxing at home till dinner time. Ryan was getting a little cranky but refused to sleep and insisted on getting in the car to go out for dinner, but once the car got moving, he promptly fell asleep. We had planned to go to East Coast Seafood Centre to check out a new restaurant there but, much to Richard's delight, ended up at KFC, with me carrying Ryan with one arm and eating with the other. Back home, I put him to bed, Richard lay down with him and they were both asleep in time to have the lights out for Earth Hour (8.30 to 9.30 pm) (Richard woke up after about an hour or so).

We started Sunday bright and early. We even had time to have a leisurely breakfast at Mr Prata before swimming class.

After swimming and lunch, we went over to Funan the Digitalife Mall, to pick up a new handycam and some iPad accessories. For dinner, we resuscitated our plan to go to East Coast Seafood Centre to eat at PizItalia and this time we made it with everyone at least awake, if not wide awake.

The photo above was taken at the restaurant (PizItalia). The large dinosaur is electronically articulated - its tail swishes from side to side, its head turns and looks about, even its eyes blink. The small dinosaur doesn't do anything. We invited Ryan to pose for a photo while standing inside the dinosaur egg but he was happy enough just to look inside while standing a safe distance away. The dinosaurs were there because the restaurant has an indoor playground called Jurakids Land, which is supposedly the largest adventure land in a table-served restaurant in Southeast Asia. Ryan was keen to try it out (see him holding a pair of socks in one hand in preparation to go in) but when he realised that parents were not allowed inside, he lost interest and settled down with us at the table to eat. We had their signature Italian Chilli Crab, spaghetti bolognaise and some chicken nuggets. The crab was pretty good, it had enough kick, and surprisingly the bolognaise went quite well with it. Nuggets were nothing special, but acceptable.

Ryan went to bed shortly after we got home, and I got down to my sewing machine while Richard got down to blasting zombies on his PS3/XBox 360. A nice quiet way to end the weekend.


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