The highlight of our Saturday was an outing to watch a musical performed by The Little Company (a division of SRT). It was the Three Little Pigs! 

We went with friends - Ryan was happy to be reunited with his pals Brayden and Rou Ern. Ryan was very interested in what was happening onstage and the 45 minutes passed quickly. After the show, we went for lunch nearby. Once the children satisfied their tummies, they trooped out to the fountain and had a glorious time splashing about together.

The mummies exchanged lots of gifts! I was really touched by all the effort and thought put into the items that they brought for Ryan. He is so fortunate to receive such love and kindness! On our part, Richard and I brought some gifts for Brayden and Rou Ern from our recent Hong Kong trip. I also brought the Keaton Coat that I sewed for Rou Ern and this little boy-vest for Brayden, which I sewed up the night before, using a pattern I found on the internet.

Again, the button isn't actually sewn on yet, because I wanted to get it measured on Brayden first. Shann graciously said that her mother could help to sew the buttonhole for this too so I passed both clothing items to her.

The rest of our Saturday was less exciting. We went home and I finally succumbed to a nap. Ryan napped too, from about 5 to 9 pm. He was full of energy after that and stayed up till 4 am! We skipped his swimming class the next morning, waking up only in time for lunch before Shichida class.

Here's Ryan, waiting for class to start. He's playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on a little keyboard on Richard's iPhone.

And yes, he is wearing a Superman top. It even has a cape! Ryan wore it the entire day.

Hope your weekend was fun!


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