Monday, April 23, 2012

Back in Malaysia

We are back in Malaysia! We have friends and family to see and catch up with, a couple of birthdays to celebrate, and some errands to run - looking forward to all of it!

We left Singapore after Ryan's Shichida class yesterday - Ryan was so happy in class, cheerful and enthusiastic about all the games. He even got a star in his observation book for "participation"!

We arrived in time to freshen up before going out to have dinner with friends - Terri, Vincent and Kar Yee - at Jaya 33. Had a great time chatting and catching up on various things. Terri and Vincent had just come back from a trip to Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti, while Kar Yee is busy with decorating her new abode. After dinner, we thought of going to visit some relatives, but realised that we were too pooped, so we went straight home. Ryan was far from pooped though - he kept Richard up till 1.30 am (I surrendered earlier).

Today, we started with lunch at Antipodean in Bangsar. It's the sort of place that has the menu written in chalk on the wall, where you can get all-day breakfast.

This is the all-day breakfast. Don't you think that the amount of mushrooms is insane? They cover a quarter of the plate! All of us (Richard, my brother and I) ordered this and all of us were defeated by the mushrooms. We could barely finish half of them.

There is a tiny play area where Ryan hung out with some other children, playing with foam letters and plastic airplanes. I was pleased to see that he handled everything with care, especially the airplanes which were quite fragile - the wings were not fastened on securely so they would have fallen off with rough handling.

The bill came up to nearly a hundred bucks - no matter how often I come back to Malaysia, I still find myself having to make that mental adjustment when I see price tags. The figures are so much bigger!

I wanted to get a haircut at Shawn Cutler but it was closed for their company trip. We went instead to check out a showflat - yes, we are property hunting again!

Went home after that but there was some noisy renovation going on in the unit above us so we went over to Margaret's place for a while. Left about 8 pm and that was more or less our day.


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