Yes, we're off to Disneyland today! Hong Kong Disneyland, that is! Richard bought this trip to coincide with my birthday this Sunday, which also happens to be Easter Sunday! I'm pretty excited because this is going to be the first time for all of us in (any) Disneyland!

I don't think Ryan is very keen on or even very familiar with most of the characters from Disney, like Snow White and the Little Mermaid. Nevertheless, he does know the Toy Story characters pretty well, which was one major reason for choosing Hong Kong Disneyland as our destination - it has Toy Story Land!

It's been a long while since Richard and I went to Hong Kong for a holiday. We used to do it quick and dirty - zip over there on Friday, eat and shop, shop and eat, zip back on Sunday. I'm curious to see how it will work out now that Ryan is with us, and I'm expecting that it will be lots of fun! We have a two-day pass for Disneyland and we're staying one night there. Then it's another few nights in the city before we fly home. Weather looks cool and pleasant, just right for gallavanting around.

And yes, before I got down to packing last night, I did some sewing! I made a jacket for Rou Ern (Shann's daughter). Here it is!

The bottom is actually straight, although in the photo it looks like there is a middle portion that is hanging down.

Ever since I saw the tutorial for this jacket on the internet - it's called the Keaton Coat (by luvinthemommyhood) - I'd been hunting for the perfect fabric and I finally found it a few days ago, in Rou Ern's favourite cheery yellow!

Here's a close-up - I like the slightly ruffled sleeves, very girly. I put our label on the jacket too! The button is not sewn on yet, I just taped it on for the photo. I need Ern to put the jacket on and measure where the buttonhole should be before I sew on the button, but Shann's mom can do that, so my job is done! I think the button should be much bigger than the one in the photo, so I'll see if I can source a suitable one before I pass the jacket over.

Hope your plans for the Easter weekend are exciting!


Terri said...

Utterly charming. Great choice of fabric too

Pinkie Pirate said...

Thanks Terri! We'll be back soon - catch up yar!

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