Wednesday, April 25, 2012

An ordinary day

We slept in today and woke up to the sound of drilling and hammering in the unit above ours. We decided not to linger any longer and so we hopped into the car and started our day. Drove into KL, where we had lunch at the evergreen Yut Kee.

Yut Kee is famous for many dishes, including the pork chops, which Richard orders every single time we go there.

I ordered the pork ginger rice, which comes drowned in gravy.

We then drove over to our apartment in KL (which has been leased out) to meet up with the rental agent and to pay some bills. Lounged around the covered pool a bit.

A couple more errands, and we then made our way to Margaret's house. Here's Ryan in the car, studying the brochure for one of the showflats he visited yesterday - wonder whether he thinks it's a good buy or not?

Anyway, there wasn't much else to our day. We had dinner - our must-have Ipoh Kuay Teow with Chicken and Beansprouts at Jalan Gasing - then it was back home to wind down.

Oh, yes, let me post a photo of my new haircut! This was taken yesterday, I'm in the dress I wore to Richard's dad's birthday dinner. The curls are temporary and will disappear once I wash them out, but I do like them!

The photo was taken in a toilet, which reminds me of a poster I saw that had a fairly old man saying, "Back in my time, toilets were for taking a sh#t in, not for taking photos!"

Hope you had a good day!


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