A quick and simple post today, to show you some goodies that were produced by my sewing machine recently.

A pair of boxer shorts for Richard. There are two front pockets and one back pocket, although I don't expect him to be needing pockets when he is wearing this. It's made from quilting cotton. It briefly crossed my mind to ask Richard to put them on for the photos, but decided that it would have been a little inappropriate.

This is the maxi skirt that I made from the rose pink fabric I mentioned in an earlier post.

I followed a tutorial for it which I found on the internet (let me know if you want the link) but I drew the pattern myself after taking my measurements. It was a fairly simple project but I learned a lot as there were many "firsts" for me. The material is interlock, and it was the first time I'd ever worked with interlock (which meant also that it was my first time working with a walking foot and a ballpoint needle on my sewing machine). It was also the first time I used a double needle (for the hem) - which was fabulous. Plus, it was the first time I used elastic thread - I took a long time to get the tension right - I was cussing and swearing when I found myself unpicking the threads for the umpteenth time. But yes, I learned a lot and felt very accomplished when I was done, so much so that I think I'll make another one!

I actually sewed up a small tote/carrier for Ryan's water bottle before these two projects but I can't seem to find it anywhere now. I hope it's in the car. I've started on another project, but don't know when I can finish it because we have plans for the upcoming Easter weekend!


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