Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hong Kong trip 2012 - Day 2

We went over to Disneyland Hotel for breakfast, opting for a quiet start to our day, instead of the hustle and bustle of a buffet breakfast. We went to Walt's Cafe, a charming little place decorated with photos of Walt Disney on the walls. We had a table next to the window looking out to the sea, with the morning sunlight streaming in. 

We explored the hotel grounds a bit. Here's Richard and Ryan in the maze!

Back inside the hotel, the princesses had come out to grace the occasion! Here's Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Princess Jasmine from Aladdin.

And Goldilocks! 

As you can see from the photos, Ryan was completely uninterested in the characters (he doesn't know any of them) so we didn't bother to queue up for a proper photo. We just snapped our shots from the side.

After we checked out of our hotel and deposited our luggage with the concierge, it was off to the theme park again! Once past the entrance, we decided to ride the train, which would take us right to the opposite end of the park.

From there, we went into Toy Story Land!

Toy Story Land is fashioned like an oversized toy world. Everything is super-sized and you feel like one of the toys. Ryan was especially happy to see this alphabet board! He spent a long time here, lovingly calling each letter and tracing it out.

The green army men were there, and they put up a short skit for everyone.

We didn't go on any of the rides in Toy Story Land. We decided to troop over to the next land, which was Adventureland. On the way out, one of the cleaners was drawing on the ground with his broom and some water - he was drawing the aliens from the Toy Story movies!

The first thing we did at Adventureland was to take the boat ride called Jungle River Cruise.

There were elephants, alligators, orangutans, hippos, zebras... even headhunters! 

Well, actually they were all fake. But looks real yah? They were all electronically animated, so it was very believable. We filmed it on the handycam, so no photos (other than the two above) to show you.

Next, we went to see a short musical performance called The Festival of the Lion King. This was, in essence, a summary of the story of The Lion King. It was very good. Apart from the excellent music, singing, dancing, choreography, sets and costumes, there were also little acts like fire-eaters and a graceful aerial acrobatic performance.

On the way out, there was this fellow - Donald Duck!!

Unfortunately, the queue for photos was all filled up so we didn't get a shot with Donald. I just snapped one from afar.


Lunch at Starliner Diner.

This photo was taken at the entrance of the ride called Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters.

You get into this capsule which runs along a track and just shoot! There are two guns in each capsule. I was in the capsule in front of my boys.

Of course, the ultimate glory is defeating Emperor Zurg!

The next and last land was Fantasyland. You enter through Sleeping Beauty's castle.

We made a beeline for the famous "It's a Small World" boat ride, which was housed in this castle (which looked a little sinister to me).

The boat ride was ok, lots to see but nothing spectacular.

Outside, we sat down to share some ice-cream and after we'd had our fill, the boys went on the Cinderella Carousel, which Ryan enjoyed a lot.

This was taken when we watched a show called "Mickey's PhilharMagic", which was a 3-D animated show. Those are 3-D glasses that Ryan is holding up.

Popped into the souvenir shops for one last round of shopping and when we came out, Ryan was really tired and asked to be nursed. He dozed off for a bit and missed seeing this little lady - Tinkerbell! Not that it mattered, Ryan doesn't know her at all.

So that was our second and last day in Disneyland.

We took the shuttle back to our hotel (Ryan woke up once we got on the shuttle) and had the buffet for dinner. At 8.00 pm, we went outside to the carpark to watch the fireworks from the theme park. Then it was bye bye Disneyland as we transferred to our hotel in the city.


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