On the morning of my birthday, I crept out of bed, looked back at my two sleeping loves, and felt a great sense of having been blessed. We were in a (very) small hotel room in Hong Kong and I was on the verge of falling sick, but we were together and we were happy. It was then that I noticed the heart shape formed by the pillows and the duvet - a wonderful sign of the love that we share - and I knew it was going to be a fabulous day. Even if our plans turned out badly, we would have each other to share the experience with, we would laugh about it together and we would learn from it together. I didn't need anything more.

As described in yesterday's post, we spent the most of the day at Ocean Park. By the evening, I was well and truly down with a cold. Our original intention was to go up to the Peak for dinner but Richard was concerned that we would end up staying out too late and that it would be too much for me. With me being sick, it might be too cold for me up there and I really should be getting an early night. I was a little reluctant to cancel our plans. Richard and I have been up at the Peak before but I was looking forward to giving Ryan the experience of going up on the tram, especially as he had enjoyed the cable car ride at Ocean Park so much. In the end, I accepted that Richard was talking sense and so we went to a popular Cantonese restaurant near our hotel, highly recommended for many of its dishes. The place is called Tso Choi (10 Jordan Road).

Here's a photo of the birthday girl at her birthday dinner!

The star of the evening was not me though - it was this dish! Braised pork on a bed of preserved vegetables. The pork comes with some seriously yummy fat, or would it be more accurate to say that the fat came with some pork? Even though I typically don't eat the fatty portion, I could not walk away without trying at least one (or two?) fatty slices. Heavenly. 

Here's a shot of Ryan, doing his usual construction activities at the table. This time, instead of making letters, he was making patterns.

Next morning, it was off to Sweet Dynasty for breakfast.

Then we hopped over to Harbour City where we picked up some books and clothes and sat down at Starbucks for a breather. I was tired, having had a rough night battling with my leaking nose, but Ryan was going strong.

I was nevertheless determined to make the most of our last two hours so I asked Richard to take us to IFC Mall for more shopping, although we didn't buy anything there. Anyway, that was the end of our frolicking. We went back to the hotel to wait for the transfer to the airport and, after a long wait for our delayed flight, stepped back onto Singapore soil in the wee morning hours on Tuesday. 


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