Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ryan's trusty steed

As you all know by now, Ryan does not like the stroller. We do have one (in fact we have two - one is with Ryan's nanny) but it is collecting dust in one of our cupboards somewhere. Be that as it may, Ryan does have a set of wheels that he is very fond of - the Step 2 Push Around Buggy.

You may remember it from this post, this postthis postthis one or this one

It is usually parked prominently next to our dining table. Ryan loves it because he associates it with outdoor walks, like our walks around the neighbourhood or our walks to the park/playground/Botanic Gardens. Those are the only times we use it, which is not to say it doesn't get a lot of love because we do get out for walks quite regularly.

It is a magnet for toddlers - everytime we park it at a playground, inevitably, a strange toddler will end up sitting in it. They walk up and sit in it as if it is the most natural thing to do. Ryan doesn't mind, so we just let them be. In fact, I usually stay away until the toddler leaves because I don't want to embarrass the parent (who is usually frantically looking around to see who the car belongs to).

Ryan is slowly but surely outgrowing his beloved buggy, so I thought I'd better document this precious memory for him now. Especially when I opened the trunk last Sunday and saw that he had carefully put some treasures inside.

There was a storybook, a magnifying glass, a red drinking straw, a lower-case "k" sticker, and two flowers that we picked up during a walk (dried up by now). They are obviously either items which he thought were important enough to hang onto for his outdoor walk or items which we came across on our walks which he thought were interesting enough to keep for further investigation.

Sigh. I can't describe how my heart melted when I saw his precious cargo. It's during moments like these when I wish time would slow down.


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