Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend update

Notwithstanding our plan to have a restful weekend, we ended up running around a fair bit. After a late Friday night (yes, mahjong), we slept in on Saturday, missed breakfast and ventured out for brunch/early lunch - bak kut teh, yum yum. 

After that, we went shopping! Picked up a load of children's clothes at the Club 21 collectibles sale for kids at Forum. Also picked up a load of educational stuff for children at another shop in Forum (great for learning at home). Ryan had a short nap at home, after which we went out for dinner. Richard took us to a new spot - Picardy Garden - where we ended up in Momoya Japanese Restaurant. Enjoyed ourselves there, service was faultless and the food was good.

Here's Ryan (and Richard) playing while they waited for me to finish my food (after they finished theirs).

Back home, we spent hours doing educational stuff with Ryan (both Shichida and non-Shichida stuff). Significantly, we went through more than two hours of deskwork, ie. Ryan remained in his seat for more than two hours without getting up - that boy has really got stamina and focus! Richard and I had to take turns! Richard and I surrendered before Ryan did and we decided to end the night with ... dancing of course! We put Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on the CD player and Ryan got down to serious business with it!

Sunday morning, we finally turned up for swimming class! Yes, after missing five lessons in a row due to travelling and social commitments, we finally found ourselves poolside. And whaddya know - it was Awards Day!

Aquaducks were so concerned at our missing so many classes that they sent me an email last Friday to ask if there was any problem. Sigh. Richard was laughing that, first we kept getting to class late (or missing class altogether), then we got switched to a lower level class (at a later time), then we "ponteng" (that's Malay for "cut class") so many times that we got a letter from the school, then we turn up on Awards Day and "flunked" some of the test exercises! We are really terrible! Heh heh! But look at this photo - who can resist faces like these? Ryan always gets special treatment from Coach because Coach thinks he's so adorable. He gets away with everything!

There is a mistake in the certificate that Ryan is holding - it says Level 3 but Ryan passed Level 3 long ago and got his Level 4 in June 2011. We'll get the correct certificate next week... if we turn up. Heh heh. This programme consists of 6 levels. At Level 6, the children will be able to swim the length of the pool independently. Ryan is nearly there!

Anyway, the present time slot does not seem to be working out for us, given our other commitments, so I am looking into switching time slots. We are definitely going to keep plugging away at the classes because knowing how to swim is a must. It is a skill that could ultimately save a life (it is actually the only sport that can do that) and there are a host of other practical benefits, which I won't go into because I'm sure everyone knows how important learning to swim is and nobody can reasonably deny its value.

For lunch, we went to one of our regular hangouts - PappaMia at River Valley - and, coincidentally, our friends, Ee Fann, Shann and their daughter, Rou Ern, were there having lunch - what a nice surprise! The parents chatted and gossiped while Ryan and Ern had fun playing together. I am always amazed at how children this age naturally gravitate towards each other and play happily (whether with or without toys). Their happiness multiplies simply by virtue of being together.

After lunch and an errand, we went for Shichida class. Ryan was in such a good mood throughout the class - I think it must have been an effect of his unexpected playdate! After class, we went for a walk around the Esplanade shops, then it was back home. Ryan didn't want to nap so it was off to the park!

From the park, we went straight out to dinner. We drove out and Richard and I were chatting away in front, when Richard looked towards the back ... this was what he saw.

Richard and I had a good chuckle! We didn't want to disturb him so we got some takeaway and ate in the car, chatting softly while parked in an open air carpark as dusk turned to night - romantic eh?

As I am typing this, Ryan is sound asleep upstairs in our bedroom, Richard is watching footie and I am ready to hit the sack. It was a great weekend for us. In particular, I think Ryan had a fabulous Sunday - it was packed with his favourites - swimming, noodles at PappaMia, a surprise playdate with a member of the "Ern gang", Shichida, McDonald's French fries after class, a visit to the park - a wonderful, wonderful Sunday.


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