Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dancing to Word World

I was going through my old videos last night and I found this one of Richard and Ryan dancing to the opening song of Word World. This was filmed sometime last year. I've uploaded it onto Youtube (it's about a minute long).

I mentioned on the blog last year that Ryan had been watching Word World, which he enjoyed very much. It is a preschool series that teaches letters, letter sounds, phonics, word building (letter by letter, sound by sound), vocabulary and reading skills (like sounding out letters, rhyming and "chunking"). I came across it by chance really - my colleague passed me a few hand-me-down DVDs and one of them was a Word World DVD. Ryan enjoyed it so much that Richard went out and bought more episodes.

I won't go into a review of the series here. I just want to show what Ryan always does when watching the series which is, whenever the music/songs come on, he gets up and dance! He always insists that one of us (usually Richard) dances along! And at the end of the song/dance, there is always, without fail, a great big hug.


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