Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Our Sunday

Our homemade Valentine's Day card made a final appearance for 2012 - this was for Ryan's Shichida sensei! (Once again, I must say that the idea for the card wasn't mine, I got it from the internet.)

Shichida class went brilliantly and afterwards, we trooped down to Page One Bookstore to pick up more books from the sale. The queue to the cashier was horrendously long but it moved quickly and smoothly. After that, a little tired from the crowd, we sat down to rest and had a quick snack before setting off for home.

Ryan waiting patiently at the bookstore while we made our selections

When we got home, it was straight to the playground!

I was lying flat on the ground while taking this shot!

Flying off the ground!

This is father and son camwhoring with the camera phone.

Too soon, the sun started to leave the sky and so we reluctantly made our way home.

Back home, after a good bath, Ryan had his usual home activities before going to bed around midnight, including playing with this magnetic sticker set that we bought from Page One that day.

We did expect Ryan to sleep "early" as he hadn't taken a nap all day (Ryan did have some breastmilk) so we decided to skip dinner (with the option of having supper). We weren't hungry and we knew Ryan would be too tired to eat a full meal.

So, that was the end of our weekend. Looking back, there were a lot of happy moments (especially on Saturday) and I think Ryan enjoyed himself tremendously.


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