Thursday, February 9, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012 - Back in KL

Continuing the update from the last post, we arrived in KL in time for a short rest at home (and the receipt of very good news from Singapore - more on that in a separate post). Dinner was another reunion with Richard's family, this time including Richard's eldest sister, Margaret and her family, who had been visiting in her husband's hometown. Margaret has three children (Ryan's cousins) and Ryan was so delighted to see them, he couldn't stop grinning.

After dinner, we all went back to Margaret's house where the children played their little games and the adults played their adult games (yes, mahjong). Later that night, we lit the "tian deng' (sky lantern). Here's a video of it (about 3 minutes long).

Ryan had tons of fun with his "gang", so much so that, when Richard and I met up with my ex-schoolmates for paella the next evening, we asked Margaret if Ryan could spend the evening with them and she graciously agreed. We knew that Ryan would be bored out of his mind if he went with us so it was a good decision - Ryan was pleased as punch to be with his cousins.

Richard and I had the luxury of some "adult" time, catching up with Kar Yee and Yin Yin over paella at Changkat Bukit Bintang. We picked Ryan up close to midnight and the report was that Ryan was very well-behaved and didn't fuss at all, he was happy and enjoyed himself.

The next day (Sunday), we met up with Margaret and family again for lunch at Mont Kiara and again, we let Ryan stay with them while we walked around the shops a bit. Managed to spend a bit of money on an oil painting by a Japanese artist, which just barely fit in our car boot.

In the evening, we drove to Mary's place. The initial plan was for the children to go swimming there but it started raining so we scrapped that. It's rather unusual for this time of the year, but it has been raining everyday.

Anyway, the children were happy to just hang out ...

... while Spiderman kept a close watch ...

... and the adults gambled (what else did you expect? heehee). Extremely small stakes were involved since it was all within the family (ie. pretty meaningless). This is Richard's immediate family - his parents and two sisters.

Dinner was at a nearby Chinese restaurant in Mont Kiara, after which we gathered at Margaret's house for Ryan to have one last bonding session with his "gang" and for Richard to have one last bonding (mahjong) session with his "gang" (his mom and Margaret).

The next day, we packed up, drove into the city to do some banking and had lunch at Madam Kwan's at Pavilion. Picked up some diapers from the supermarket and then we set off back to Singapore. Got in about 6 plus and dropped by the garden slug for dinner before heading home.

Guess how we ended the evening? With mahjong of course! Some friends came over and we played late into the night, milking every last drop of our holiday.

The next day it was back to work! Happy and refreshed!


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