Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our weekend

Last weekend, after the many months filled with festivities (Christmas season, Chinese New Year) and the many months of rainy weather, we settled back into familiar activities.

On Saturday, we went to Vivocity for lunch and I also popped into Daiso (love this store!). We also popped into Page One bookstore to check out their closing down sale where Richard picked up a ton of books on design and architecture. After that, we took Ryan to Forum the Shopping Mall to get some new clothes and to get a haircut, as he is scheduled for a photoshoot at his modelling agency in a couple of days.

We got home close to 6 pm and it was straight to the playground! Lots of people were there, the place was very lively.

Our dog, Max, came along too.

Ryan has been keeping horrendous hours recently - he's been going to bed at 3 am! Mind you, he's not walking around like a zombie, eyes half-closed, and refusing to sleep. Nope, he's a full-on Energizer bunny right till the end! On Saturday, he didn't take his afternoon nap, so we were hoping that he would have an early night and he did - he fell asleep in the car on the way out to dinner (about 8 pm) - but he woke up about 11 pm and refused to sleep till 6 am! Obviously depriving him of his nap didn't work out.

Sunday was a washout. By the time we got out of bed, it was nearly 1 pm. We missed swimming class for the fourth time in a row! Shichida class being at 1.45 pm, it was a rush to get lunch on the table and get everyone out the door. The solution - instant noodles! Heh heh, instant noodles actually rank quite high on my list of favourites, so I'm not complaining.

After Shichida class, we went over to Art Friend and Popular Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex to pick up some art and craft supplies plus some stationery. Richard picked up some watercolour paper for Ryan so I'm looking forward to seeing more watercolour work from him.

After dinner, Ryan played with some new materials which were quite interesting - will post about them soon. Ryan did have a nap in the afternoon but that only meant that we went back to the 3 am bedtime routine, and all of us overslept the next morning. In fact, Ryan was still asleep when I sent him to his nanny at half-past 11 am! Here he is in the carseat. I find it so amusing that his T-shirt says "Cat-like Reflexes" while he is actually sound asleep. His nanny bought that T-shirt for him.

Anyway, that was our weekend. It zipped by even faster than usual, because we slept half of the daylight away!


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