Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Life of a Model

Ryan had his agency shots updated about two weeks back, on Valentine's Day.

Fortunately, we had an earlier than usual night and Ryan was asleep right up till the moment we got into the studio the next morning. Outfit selection was fast and painless, our photographer picked out a top from Mothercare (which we bought over the weekend) and a pair of white Richgi pants (which Ryan's nanny bought for him). After the usual measurement-taking and make-up, it was onto the bright lights!

As usual Ryan took some time to warm up but the warm up time was much shorter than the last time and after that, he seemed to really enjoy himself in front of the camera. He was much more animated this time, at times even making faces at and teasing the photographer!

I really like the exuberant expressions in this set. Ryan looks very comfortable and natural in the shots, so I think the "modelling" part of it is improving. I do wonder why his double eyelids seem to have disappeared in these shots - his eyes are a lot bigger and rounder than they appear here! And why aren't there any eyelashes? Is it because we didn't wash his face when he woke up in the studio? Hahaha! Oh well, the shots are full of life and happiness, so I'm guessing that was the reason why the photographer decided he got what he needed and was satisfied enough to stop shooting. The shoot took less than 5 minutes. Next session will be in August!


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