Friday, March 1, 2013

Weekend update

Last Saturday, as usual, Ryan went for his violin class and Rachel went for Heguru. Ryan's commercial for Super has been showing on Channel 8 so one of the mummies in his violin class came up to him and told him that she "sees him everyday". Actually Richard and I haven't managed to see the commercial on TV yet!

In modelling-related news, Rachel missed out on a casting when we were in KL. The agent wanted to put her up for an audition on Sunday for a big job (3-day shoot!). Unfortunately, we were still in KL so we had to give it a miss. This is the second time Rachel has missed out on an audition so we're hoping that third time's the charm. One of my mummy friends whom I introduced to her agent went for the audition so hopefully her child will be selected for the job!

We were a bit late for Heguru because I had to pop by the Audi service centre first. Some exciting developments happened over the weekend in relation to our cars - that deserves a separate post!

Anyway, after lunch at TGIF at 112 Katong, we attended a mummies' gathering. Five families were there and it was a good size for easy chatting and for keeping an eye on the little ones. All of us were particularly amused at one of the little girls called Cherise - you just had to say to her "Gangnam Style!" and she would start bouncing and bopping up and down. Really cute!

As for Rachel, she showed everyone that she is a true-blue Dragon - she fearlessly grabbed all the toys!

You can see Ryan on the left here, investigating the toy globe. He's quite into this sort of stuff now. At home, we are learning about countries, flags and the world map.

Here he is, in his Bathing Ape/Baby Milo polo tee.

He was the only older kid there so he entertained himself by snapping photos off my phone. Here are some of his shots, including some of himself (all are unedited).

Eventually, he wandered around to take more artistic shots, like shots of the floor, shots of the vending machines, and shots like this one... hmm.

In the evening I went to a client's Chinese New Year open house while Richard stayed home with the littles. It was a simple and relaxing gathering and it was good to see everyone, and I especially enjoyed playing with the host's dogs! The food was mee rebus and satay, prepared on the spot by the caterers - a very friendly Malay family.

We kickstarted Sunday with nasi lemak and roti prata at Adam Road hawker centre. We haven't been there for years! Our usual roti prata haunt is undergoing renovation at the moment, that's why we ended up at Adam Road. No complaints, the nasi lemak is still yummy.

You know what happened next, don't you - swimming! Ryan's coach says he has reached a plateau in his swimming. She is trying to get him to lift his head up to breathe and Ryan is sort of stuck at this stage now. Nothing much can be done except to persevere!

Here's babydoll, waiting for her brother to finish. Coach said, for Rachel, we can water her head with the shower head when she takes her bath/shower so that she learns to hold her breath. She says that's the most important thing to learn at this stage.

For Shichida class in the afternoon, Ryan had to recite a new set of 50 items for linking memory. He did it confidently and flawlessly in 47 seconds. Great job Ryan! He also recited his poem, "What is it?" by H.E. Wilkinson. At home, Ryan is up to 150 items for linking memory. I'll be starting him off on a new set this weekend.

In the afternoon, some exciting car-related stuff happened - stay tuned for an upcoming post on that! In the meantime, have a good weekend!


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