Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Yesterday, babydoll gave me a precious gift - her very first word! It was "Mama"! We were in my office at the time. She was cruising into my arms when she said it, so I know she was referring to me. It was an incredible feeling, to hear those words for the first time (again). It was an amazing, amazing feeling. Thank you, darling!

As mentioned, babydoll and I spent yesterday morning in my office. We left at lunchtime to fetch Ryan from school and, after running an errand, I drove over to Shann's place for an afternoon playdate. Shann was actually not feeling well but she very kindly hosted the three of us and we had a marvellous time. 

Shann has two lovely daughters, Rou Ern and Zi Ern, who are the same age as Ryan and Rachel respectively. Ryan had a ball of a time with Rou Ern and they played very well together. There was the occasional squabble but they managed to get past those moments fairly well, so I am really proud of both of them. I am always interested to see how children quarrel and squabble. It doesn't bother me that they squabble and, in fact, I am usually quite happy at the chance for them to learn how to resolve their differences. 

For example, the two children were both tugging on a cardboard cutout of a shark and, as would be expected, the shark tore in two. Immediately, the two of them stopped squabbling over it and went into "let's fix it" mode instead. That was pretty awesome to witness. I have to say thank you to Shann too, because she was super cool about it and she also left the two of them alone to sort it out. That's my approach, but in such a situation, it is only effective if both parents are on the same wavelength.

I don't have any photos of Ryan - he was too busy! Nevertheless, I did notice that he still responded to me when I called him and when I asked him to do/not to do something. He can get over-excited sometimes when he is playing with friends and, in those over-excited moments, he tunes me out. So I was pleased to see that he could indeed play happily and calmly, and still process what I'm telling him. Perhaps it was because the two of them were playing games that were not too boisterous? I'm not sure.

I had a nice, relaxing time chatting and catching up with Shann. Shann and her family are going overseas for a year starting June this year and we will definitely miss them. Hop on over to her blog if you are curious about her little cuties!

Babydoll had a grand time exploring and investigating, although she insisted that I stay close by at all times. The highlight of her day must have been her encounter with a peach. Shann was making some purees and babydoll (who was in my arms) grabbed a peach from the kitchen counter and chomped into it. I put her on the floor and let her carry on as long as she wanted to and she got through half of it before she was happy to let it rest in peace.

The peach was too slippery for Rachel to get a good grip but that didn't stop her. She just bent herself over to take a chomp! No problem!

We stayed till 6 plus. Ryan fell asleep in the car on the way home and continued sleeping when we got home, only waking up once for some milk. Babydoll stayed awake a little longer but was soon asleep as well.

It was a wonderful day. Both the littles had a fabulous time at their playdate. As for me, I received one of the best gifts a mother could have - babydoll saying her very first word, "Mama"!


Anonymous said...

Babydoll is so cute ! Thank you for the update on Heguru.

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