Thursday, February 28, 2013

Last day of our KL trip

A quick post today, with lots of photos.

Our last day in KL was Sunday, 17 February 2013. We spent our morning packing our bags and then we headed into KL city for lunch with our Singaporean friends at Oversea Restaurant. There are five Oversea Restaurant outlets in the Klang Valley and two more outlets in Ipoh. The one in Jalan Imbi is the most famous and our out-of-town guests were keen to dine at this well-known Cantonese restaurant before they left for Singapore, so that's where we went.

We were the first to arrive so we used the time to snap some photos...

After lunch and after the children had given each other their heartfelt goodbyes, we rendezvous-ed with Margaret and the rest to go for Chinese New Year visiting at Mary's place. The adults played some "Big 2", I fed Rachel her lunch and Ryan tested Jerica's headphones while the older boys went swimming.

I asked him for a photo, this was the pose he gave me.

Mary recently bought a second condo for rental income so we all trooped over to the new condo to ooh and ahh over it. Here's little babydoll, admiring the view.

We had dinner nearby with the family. We left from the restaurant and arrived in Singapore just before midnight. And that was the end of our trip.

This round, we had quite a long trip. Next trip back to KL will be in April. Kidzania again? Any Malaysian mummies out there with kids around Ryan's age who wanna meet up at Kidzania??



Mei mei is growing so fast! The kids look like they have a great relationship. And you look so sexy!! Am looking forward to a really long holiday soon haha

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