Thursday, March 28, 2013

The last two weeks

As a quick catch-up of the last two weeks when I wasn't blogging, here's a photographic rundown!

First, let me throw some love to Florinda. Florinda has a business called Style Essence which deals with skincare, make-up and styling, using Mary Kay products. Her company is supporting Mary Kay's "One Woman Can" beauty contest and she invited me to join in. I was delighted to lend her my support so I hopped on over to one of her workshops. I got a free makeover and I bought some products as well. It was a lot of fun, everyone was very friendly and warm, and the evening passed quickly.

This was me after the makeover!

Here's Flo and me (this shot taken by Flo)!

Flo has set herself a target of 100 makeovers so if you're interested in two hours of fun with makeup, or I should say, fun AND makeup, do contact her and she'll set up something for you!

Okay, marketing spiel over. Back to the littles.

Babydoll (ladies) first.

Rachel has been spending quite a few mornings with me in my office. Her nanny was ill for a day last week (food poisoning) and then, this week, her nanny was on holiday from Monday to Wednesday. My colleagues are always happy to see her - in this photo you can see her holding a biscuit from the tea lady and a little Abby Cadabby doll from a colleague, who bought it for her from Universal Studios. 

I can't get much work done when she's with me. I take a few phone calls, answer a few emails and sort out some administrative stuff.

Here she is at home. It's all about the shoes for babydoll. This is her favourite spot in the whole house. And yes, the shoes do end up in her mouth. She especially loves eating Ryan's Nikes.

When Ryan was a baby, we took him to classes at Gymboree. We haven't felt the need to send Rachel for the same thing because she is already so active and mobile. She is allowed to roam the entire house and she does exactly that. She is absolutely fearless and will try anything. In contrast, Ryan was more of an observer. He would watch others go through the process, learn everything about it, and, when he was confident he knew what to do, only then would he join in. Babydoll doesn't take that long. She jumps in first and asks questions later.

Babydoll's second favourite activity after eating shoes is rummaging through my handbag. Here she is, waiting for Ryan to finish his swimming class. She is mouthing my Mary Kay lip balm, which I bought from Flo earlier that week.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, we all went over to Shann's place yesterday for a playdate and babydoll had a grand time.


Shann gave her two dresses. Here she is, wearing one of them. A little halter-neck number!

We attended a birthday party of the son of an old friend last weekend. He, Richard and I all came to Singapore on the same scholarship more than twenty years ago. He has three children now, although he looks exactly the same as he did when he was a student. It's so amazing to look at each other now as parents and remember that we used to be these awkward young students.

Ryan went for three auditions. Hope that we will get at least one job! He is getting very good in front of the camera and can take instructions really well.

On weekends, we still go to the playground although nowadays Richard will stay home with Rachel while I accompany Ryan out. Ryan will ride his kick scooter and I will walk with him, and we'll talk about everything and about nothing in particular. Sometimes we recite linking memory, hahaha.

We paid a visit to Ryan's favourite giraffe. It is always in a different location within the store so we always have fun "giraffe-hunting".

We don't do much painting at home with Ryan nowadays because he gets a lot of that in school. Of course, we still welcome any opportunity that pops up - here he is doing that painting thing (what is it called?) at Parkway Parade. He did two of these.

As for me, I had a tough two weeks dealing with some unpleasant people. Happy to say that there were also many happy moments that propped me up and lifted my spirits. I had a couple of lunchdates with forum mummies and I also had a few days off work (because our nanny was ill/on holiday) which meant lots of quality time with the littles. I had a good relaxing afternoon yesterday at Shann's place. Plus babydoll called out "Mama" as her very first word. The good stuff always outweighs the bad. Always.

Richard has been very busy at work. We normally get together after work for a quick dinner and a quick catch-up before meeting up with the littles, and recently, it's been quite late. We usually only get to the nanny's around 8.30 pm. I think we really need to change something somewhere because we really don't get much time with the littles on weekdays with such a late pick-up.

Anyway, that's the quick catch-up! 


Anonymous said...

Hi PinkiePirate,

I'm just curious what is Ryan's sleeping schedule like on a typical day? i.e how many hours does he sleep a day?

I ask because his day seem super fun and filled with many interesting things! and yet you say you are a working mum, so all activities happen when you are home! wow... i don't know how you do it. May i know when is Ryan's bedtime?I am a working mum of 3 year old too and i put him to bed at 8pm ( wondering if i'm putting him to sleep too early, hence the reason why i can't seem to find the time to do anything)

I really admire you and what you are doing for your boy and am looking for ways to see how i can improve on how Jay spends his day...

My challenge is this boy just loves action... running around, dancing, spinning etc. So he cannot sit down for too long,and I can't get him to sit at the desk or listen to a story even. Since i want him to be happy, i play whatever he wants to play when i get home from work (and that is usually playing cars/trains/running around etc).
Is there any advice for me?

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