Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Updates on Rachel

Babydoll is growing well! We haven't weighed her in a while but she is definitely filling out. She is eating well, very well indeed. She doesn't have a big appetite but she definitely has an adventurous attitude towards food. She will try anything! This one is a foodie!

She recognises people and she has her favourites. Generally speaking, she is quite a people-person. She hates being alone and gets upset even if I'm just stepping out of her line of sight.

Actually, nowadays everything she gets her hands on goes straight to her mouth. Richard and I are generally quite permissive about this - we're not particularly bothered about getting everything sterilised and toxin-free. I would have said that we don't let her mouth anything that is dangerous or dirty, but I guess what is dangerous or dirty would be subjective. Oh well, the bottom line is that she's perfectly fine, and I believe that she has learned a lot more about her environment and her world by being able to touch and feel the things around her, whether by hand or by mouth.

Babydoll is still pulling herself up and standing, and now she is starting to cruise. She can even stand unassisted for a second or two, but I wouldn't tick that one off just yet. Having said that, I do expect that she will master that very soon. She is such a hardworking baby. The moment she is awake, her hands and legs start moving and she will home in on a target, which is usually the stuff on my bedside table. If she wakes in the middle of the night, she just gets going, without caring where. She has not yet accepted that she cannot climb down a vertical surface and there have been many times when she insisted on trying, despite us holding on to her feet. In fact, she has fallen off the bed a couple of times in the middle of the night (fortunately, we padded the area around her bed and she was unhurt). We will have to adjust our sleeping arrangements very soon. We're still figuring out what the best way would be.

I am not doing much of anything at home with Rachel in terms of teaching her stuff. I do give her a lot of stuff to touch and feel and explore, and she enjoys that very much. I try to talk and sing to her, but I do forget sometimes! When I'm home, I usually feel like having some quiet time, hahaha.

Babydoll is still attending Heguru. We are still discussing if we want to send her to Julia Gabriel, as we did for Ryan. Will update here when we have decided. I think it will be a lot of fun for her, but a lot of work for Richard and I! Our weekends are quite packed now, with four classes between the two children, so we have to be careful not to overload not just the littles, but the adults too. Weekends are supposed to be our rest days, after all.

Ok, that's all for this update. Till next time!


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